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QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1

QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - External view

“QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1” buildings employ a seismic isolation structure to ensure uninterrupted operation even in the event of an earthquake of intensity 7 on the Japanese seven‐stage seismic scale, and offer electrical equipment redundancy, and power supply backup with emergency generators, making this a safe and reliable equipment environment for our customers’ information systems.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if considering use of this data center for the construction of the main site for your information systems, or as a DR site base.

Highly-reliable facilities that are fully equipped with high-security equipment
QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - Server racks
Server room
QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - Entrance
QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - Building seismic isolation structure, high damping laminated rubber
Building seismic isolation structure
High damping laminated rubber
QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - Security gates
Security gates

We have created multi-layered physical compartments stretching from the entrance to the server racks, and have installed security equipment such as various types of gate and biometric authentication systems based on the importance (security level) of each compartment to prevent unauthorized individuals gaining access to customers’ systems.
Furthermore, strict security management such as prohibiting entry to rooms is employed even for individuals involved with the customer unless the person responsible at the customer side has submitted an application beforehand.

Full-time technicians are on hand round-the clock, 24h365 days a year in the integrated monitoring center located in the data center, ensuring a swift response even in times of emergency.
Our data centers provide stable and efficiency operation and monitoring services by staff with a wealth of experience in systems operation not only, but also for financial institutions and local governments.

Comfortable data center that is kind to “people”
QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - Server access booth
Server access booth
QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - Meeting room
Meeting room
QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - Café lounge
Café lounge
QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 (QD1) - Relaxation space
Relaxation space

This data center comes equipped with a full suite of incidental facilities such as a server access booth where customers can carry out work smoothly, and a meeting room which can be used for meetings or as a work space, helping to support improvements in work efficiency and keep work errors to a minimum.

QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1 specifications
Name QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 1
Location Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Commencement of operation January 2003
Building structure Building seismic isolation
Total floor space Approx. 7,200 m2
Number of racks Approx. 1,000 racks
Floor load capacity Approx. 600 kg/m2
Power supply equipment Uninterruptible power supply system: redundancy configuration
Emergency generators: redundancy configuration
Supply power Effective 4 kVA/rack (max. 6 kVA)
Air conditioning equipment Redundancy configuration
Incidental facilities Server access booth, café lounge, etc.
Security Round-the clock, 24h365 days a year manned monitoring, various gates, biometrics, surveillance cameras, etc.
Communication line Lines laid to data center with multiple carriers, multiple routes
Standard JDCC facility standard tier 3 or equivalent

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