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Cookie Policy

Acquisition and use of attributes information and behavioral history that does not identify individuals

This website uses tools such as Google Analytics to obtain information such as the site browsing history of site visitors (users). It also uses programs provided by advertisement distributors to carry out behavioral targeting advertising (advertising method which involves placing advertisements tailored to the interests of users based on their site browsing information, etc.)

Use of cookies

Cookies* are used to obtain the site browsing history information and identify information of users. The web browser being used to view this website automatically sends cookie information to programs provided by Google and advertisement distributors. However, individuals themselves are not identified unless users enter their personal information at this site. It is assumed that permission to use cookies has been granted when using or browsing this website.

* Cookies are data such as site usage history and entered content transferred to and from a browser and server that is temporarily written to and stored on the user’s computer when viewing web pages.

Purpose of using cookie information

Obtained cookie information is used for such purposes as improving and analyzing this website, and distributing behavioral targeting advertising tailored to the interests of users.

If wishing to disable the acquisition of cookie information for this website

Settings relating to the transfer of cookies can be selected from “Allow all cookies”, “Block all cookies”, and “Notify user when cookies are received”. The setting method will differ depending on the browser being used. Refer to the “Help” menu in your browser for details on how to specify settings relating to cookies. However, if cookies are blocked, certain functions may be restricted when using content and services provided by QTnet.

If wishing to hide behavioral targeting advertising

The use of cookies can be disabled by accessing the advertisement distributor’s opt-out page. A setting can be specified at the opt-out page to prevent the use of Yahoo! or Google cookies (the use of third-party distributor cookies can also be disabled at the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.) By not opting out, in addition to Yahoo! or Google, the cookies of third-party distributors or advertising networks may also be used. Some cookies (not all) can be collectively disabled at the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out website. These settings must be specified again in such cases as when the browser is changed, cookies are deleted, or when changing to a new computer.