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QT PRO IX Connection

What is QT PRO IX Connection?

QTnet provides an environment for connecting to IX* service providers’ services in QTnet Fukuoka Data Center 3. Customers wishing to connect to IX services provided by IX service providers must conclude a QT PRO IX Connection service agreement. (Click here for an estimate)
QT PRO IX Connection allows even those customers with an IX connection in Tokyo or Osaka to establish a connection at Fukuoka, and construct a more affordable, low-latency, high-quality Internet connection environment.

* [What is IX (Internet Exchange)?] Interconnection point that enables Internet traffic exchange

Are you faced with increasing Internet traffic costs? Do you have concerns about connecting to IX service providers?

Resolve all your interconnection issues with QT PRO IX Connection!!

[Service diagram]

QT PRO IX connection - Service diagram

3 features of QT PRO IX Connection


A connection can be made to IX service providers’ services at Fukuoka, eliminating the need to lay communication lines to Tokyo or Osaka.
QT PRO IX Connection allows customers to reduce the cost of communication lines from their base to Tokyo or Osaka. Connecting to IX service providers’ services offers high-quality communication with minimal latency.

Low latency

Enabling the exchange of data traffic at the Fukuoka IX point makes it possible to provide services to content and service users with low latency.

Highly reliable

QT PRO IX Connection makes it possible to connect to IX service providers’ services, provide access lines with QT PRO VLAN or leased lines, and offer housing with data center services, facilitating a total solution from access lines to connection to IX service providers. Moreover, by providing a transit service with QT PRO Internet access lines, QTnet is able to offer customers total support with constructing their Internet backbone.

Services Provision

QT PRO IX connection- services provision

*1: Type I is for customers using QT PRO Data Center Service, and requires a separate QT PRO Data Center Service application.

*2: An application is required for Type II if connecting directly from the customer’s facility to IX service providers’ services. If applying for Type II, a separate telecommunications carrier line application is required.

*3: Dedicated line or VLAN can even be used by other companies.

* BBIX is a trademark of BBIX, Inc.
   JPNAP is a trademark of INTERNET MULTIFEED CO.


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